Sonhar é expandir novos horizontes, e o amor é a força que nos leva a buscar fazer de nossos sonhos realidade.

sábado, 3 de dezembro de 2011

To all my reader friends in another countries

It's a pleasure for me, seeing people of another countries visiting and reading my texts. And in recognition, I tried to write this text in English. I'm not so good with it so sorry my mistakes and know that it is for you.

The words speak more than their meaning,
The words are alive,
And this life, give to it, the power to describe all others.
I use the words to describe my love,
My love for a woman,
A woman who has changed my life,
And all my texts explain about our history,
It was not easy, but each second made this history special,
And made me other man,
A man who cares to give for her my best,
Because the love requires this,
And the words are my friends on this history of love.

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